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WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

Thank you @tattoodjay for the collaboration! WednesdayWalk and MakeMeSmile are two challenges that have similar intention and that is to bring FUN and SMILE to the HIVE!

We are now a weekly collaboration!!! YES! DOUBLE the FUN every week with us WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile!!! Share you WALK and SMILE with us!!!

If you are not familiar with WednesdayWalk, check out the walks HERE!

We will be giving out HIVE to some of you as a token of appreciation! We love to see your WALK and SMILE!

Last week prizes were given to @sarimanok. Thanks for sharing your WALK and SMILE.


a. Basically, it will still be the same as the first season. Your post can be in writing, singing, video, poem, drawing, photography, etc... The most important element is your post Make "ME" Smile. Remember, the ME is whoever read/view/listen your post and this includes YOURSELF.
b. Your content must be ORIGINAL CONTENT.
c. Please include at least 50 words in your post.


Rainy evening... Not a good day to walk... My shoes are wet... My feet are wet... My bag is wet... I don't like to walk in a rainy day... But I have to walk to the LRT station to go home 😩😩😩 The only lucky part is it's not heavy rain... Else I would be totally drenched...

No sun to be seen in the sky... Only rain clouds...


Traffic jam... Yup, it's time to go home... So many cars waiting for the traffic light to turn green... And many more in front of me walking to the LRT station too... Many with umbrella ☂️ like me... And there are some without umbrella too...


How's your Wednesday? How's the weather? Is it raining like the weather here in Kuala Lumpur?

Wish you all have a great week ahead! ♥️

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I´d like to find out if users like me who is from the Philippines but lives in Europe could join this community? I have post about the country where I live but hesitant to post , well because I am ATM in Europe. Could you let me know if I am qualfied? Thanks.

WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile is open to all. It has not limited to where you are.


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The walking is important for people and make feel better.

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Politeness is a morality in life.

Yup, walking indeed can make us feel better and happy

Yes really well.

Oh WOW! Thank you!

You are most welcome

WE had our first rain of the season and it made everything so fresh! It takes a lot of the snow too which is going fast with the milder weather.
More birds are returning here with the warmer weather which I got some shots of for my #WednesdayWalk #MakeMeSmile post

A little rain never prevented a #WednesdayWalk / #MakeMeSmile. It's been raining a lot here lately, and when cycling I can't tell how deep the holes in the roads are. It makes for some exciting moments.

Be careful. 🚴
I can't balance on a bicycle so I can't ride one.