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This "Code Purple Lockdown" in Suriname has been brutal, and I know lately I haven't been sharing the must upbeat content, so I decided this family needed some laughs via some good ole' fake martial arts.


🦶 High-Kicking "Code Purple" Lockdown Into Submission 🥋

     The slo-mo feature on my iPhone is something I need to take advantage of more often because it is always good for some laughs. This extreme "Code Purple" Lockdown is set to last until June 18th, so the family and I have been reaching deep to stay entertained and sane.

     Watching English-language movies is one of the free things the @KidSisters and I enjoy most since we became stranded in Suriname. It's not as fun as swimming at waterfalls like we used to do in Cambodia, but I do enjoy the opportunity to let them watch movies from my past.

     Recently we've watched "Beverly Hills Ninja" "The Matrix" trilogy, and the "Karate Kid" trilogy. This massive amount of martial arts we've been viewing lately has definitely affected our mentality, so with ancient Asian martial arts on my mind, the @KidSisters set out to make a quick introduction to "Khmer-Fu," a system of fighting around 15 minutes old by the time we filmed it.

     As Khmer-Fu is a completely new martial art, we had full freedom to develop our own techniques and training methods, most of which revolve around extreme ridiculousness and shenanigans. Khmer-Fu seeks to repel potential attackers by demonstrating possible mental illness and unpredictability, both of which give practitioners of this (fake) martial art an upper hand in any physical struggle.

     If you follow the training routine exemplified in this video 5 days a week for four weeks, nearly a month will have passed. Some would argue this is a form of time-travel, but I'll leave that for physicists to quarrel over.

Warning - This post is purely satire and simply a form of Hive therapy for my family and I. These techniques will not help you fend off any attacker.

Monkey B



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You guys are awesome! Your Khmer Fu is hilarious! The slow motion makes it all ever so spectacular, and the music / sound effects in the background raise it all to a whole new level.

At this point the next step would be a full-length shortie. I guess it could be your typical martial arts story, featuring an underdog hero achieving her dreams, and a diligent long-time student who doesn't empathize with the new prodigy at first, but in the second half they become good friends and close allies. Also a wise sage, with lots of colorful metaphors and unorthodox training techniques. And finally a villain, who may suffer a bit of delusions of grandeur, but otherwise is just a good old chum. Each of you could play several characters, dressed up in funny costumes...

Oh, now look at me, getting so enthusiastic just from seeing you guys fu-ing around. But hey, in the next two weeks of purple I'm sure you could come up with a funny story and film the entire 25 minutes of it. And then you can hit the international film festivals... or not, and just simply get some good laughs out of it.

Hmmmm....you've set the creative wheels in motion. I had a similar thought after watching the video, realizing how close we came to making an actual short. It would definitely take way more than a day to edit properly, so perhaps a 25-minute could be broken up into 5x 5-minute shorts to maximize those payouts for the effort spent.

I like your general storyline, I'll be sure to use that for inspiration. I'd like to have us all lip sync, then we'll record the voices later, and it would give it that dubbed effect that so many old-school movies had.!ENGAGE 100

For sure, that slightly inaccurate lip-sync is a huge must for a martial arts classic!

As for the story line, I don't believe I came up with anything new, just picking the most common themes from anything from Bruce Lee to Kung Fu Panda.

Totally agree, the 5x5 min. segments are perfect for Hive payouts. In fact, I would even spike it up a bit more: Limit the "grand release" of those 5 minute clips to once a week. In between include a bunch of teasers, behind the scenes posts, funny takeouts, and interviews with the actors. Publish the plot separately, so fans could familiarize themselves with the story before seeing the scenes. You could even dedicate a separate post for each character, providing waaaaay more info on each one than what you'd get from the actual film. Oh, and I haven't even started on the interactive possibilities with the fans. But all this comes just from the top of my head.

I have a feeling you're in the process of tapping into a mine of ... gold? - hopefully! But even if not, a mine of fun should be still worth the effort.

Oh man that is icing on the cake, I think I gotta get things started ASAP!! Totally unrelated, but since you're in Mexico you'll like this. We were learning Spanish in Ecuador from an old public television telenovela, and it was absolutely hilarious even though it wasn't supposed to be.

I've always wanted to make a Khmer version of it where we play all the characters.

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Amazingly fun to watch you guys doing the slowmo! The KungFu fighting bgm were just right for this! Next time could use some upbeat capoeira beat. LOL

I honestly was just wanting to play around and have some fun, but I didn't realize how much creative ideas this would generate. Capoeira.......hmmm, you might be onto something, I need to watch some Jean-Claude Van Damme movies for further inspiration and ideas. !ENGAGE 15

Here's one of my favourite

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This is so sweet and your daughters have some seriously good moves there! Your kick would put the karate kid to shame in that final scene where he uses the Crane move haha.
It's so important to find ways to lift our spirits when things are bringing us down and as @trucklife-family mentioned, play is one of the best ways to do this. Just looking at their beautiful and radiant smiles makes my heart happy. 🤗💚

I don't normally boast, but I was pretty impressed with my own moves. I was only trying to give the girls an example of how to be "extreme," but I decided to throw it in the mix. All that's left now is some Khmer-Fu short movies like @stortebeker mentioned. !ENGAGE 40

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You guys made my day. This is the first and last thing I am looking at before I head to work. Now I have an extra confidence boost knowing those moves. I like that there are huge smiles on your faces. You're true warriors!

I really enjoyed making this video, and I laughed a lot out loud editing it. I must admit I enjoy making goofy video content much more than sharing recipes, but it is a bit more time-consuming. Give thanks for the kind words. !ENGAGE 20

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I smell a cameo coming up! :)

You would be a welcome addition to any future Khmer-Fu short. I am still working with the title, perhaps "Khmer-Fu - Five Finger Battle At Hive Temple" ? !ENGAGE 5

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Playing is one of the best ways to maintain our well being, something we should try and do daily.You got quite the ninjas there I must say ( yourself included). This was so great to watch xxx
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Glad you liked my brief cameo, and even though I wasn't the real star, I couldn't resist a couple of front kicks.

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