Happy Khmer New Year And Happy Birthday Mom For Yesterday

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Yesterday was Khmer New Year and my mom's birthday. My dad made the family's favorite food. My sister and I gave a mom a massage.

My dad bought some of favorite vegetables. It is asparagus, mushrooms, and more. My dad made Puri Pizza and it is the best pizza. I ate a lot of them and my sister ate until she couldn't eat anymore. Our friend (@faustofraser) sang a happy birthday song for my mom.

My mom also made a Khmer New Year Party but only with music. I listen to music all day. That's why I forgot to make this post. I also work on this post but I didn't finish it yesterday so I finished it today.

Happy Birthday Mom


Yesterday is my mom's birthday and I drew this for her. I drew one or two weeks ago. My sister gave me an idea for the balloons. My sister also designed the cake and I drew the rest. My mom likes it but she didn't say she wants the picture or not. I will ask her again.

Happy Khmer New Year


This is a picture of Khmer's angel. I don't know how Khmer's angel looks like but I drew her like this. I don't really like the crown or tiara. It has to be taller and bigger. I don't know what is the color of her dress but I will ask my mom.


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