It's Rice Planting Time 🚜 Pursat, Cambodia 🌾

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In Cambodia, people are now starting to plant rice. This is the season for farmers to start sowing rice for 6 months from May to October and this is the rainy season. Farming with a hand tractor to fertilize the soil is a time when many insects start to live outside.


Farming in my community depends on rainfall and the yields are decent. Some villagers dig ponds, wells and canals, but do not have enough water. In the fields, people protect buffaloes and cows from eating the young rice plants.


Here, people go to farm in the paddies, more than 90 percent of the population do this, and another 10 percent go to work in the provinces to support their families. The people here work very little outside the farm, relying on agriculture which is indispensable in their daily livelihood.


Sometimes we do not produce rice because of the floods, which cause the rice to rot. There is a lack of modern agriculture due to the lack of cultivation techniques and the rice that is sown. People like to grow Srov Romduol the most, a special variety of Khmer rice.


In the Khmer community and tradition, there is a belief in praying for rain to irrigate the rainy season. It is a time when fish, frogs and other animals fill the ponds.



Oh, the machine looks like my dad's in my hometown when I was a child 😱

Yes I work hard for sow rice. Thank you so much.

Courage my friend ☘️


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I love to see the habits of other cultures and absorb a little of how life works out there! I also live in a rural area of ​​a small town, but rice is not a common plantation here, what is mostly planted is tobacco, corn, potatoes and soy.

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Yes brother we do it for food ,sell on the Market and do other. Thank you so much.

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I can't wait how the rice plants go. I do love to play in the rice season. A lot of kids come to the farm and play. I love to play catch the most. Keep up the good work.

Yes we go there very happy and have plant for eat . We catch fish in rice field.

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This was really interesting learning about sowing rice in Cambodia and about watering and the unfortunate events of floods.

Yes sister in my society the flood occur every year. i do it have a little result. Thank you so much.

For sure ;)

Yes sister.

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Yes I try to learn more thank you so much.

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I try to learn more in post and I will support you. Thank you so much.

Love it Sitha. Do you mill your own rice or sell the "srov" to a buyer?

Yes brother I do it for eat in the family no sell. Thank you ❤️.