🌿 My Mini Basil Garden In Flower Pots & The Landlords' Plants 👩‍🌾

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Greetings from Suriname everybody 🙏🏻😊. I put basil seeds in some flower pots maybe two weeks ago, and now they are growing up so much and big so fast. I go to dig land with my little girl to remove it for growing them. I do not have land to grow plants, so I grow herbs in flower pots.

I didn't buy these flower pots, I picked from Suriname people throw them into nature. I really don’t understand some people, why they don’t love their country and our world? Happy to throw plastic into nature and don’t care about everything. When done using anything plastic, why can’t we just put it in the trashcan?


These are my plants I'm growing up myself. These green onions I cut for cooking so many times when I can’t buy them from the store.

Last year it was very hard to find basil and we missed eating it so much, but now I have it outside the door and I can eat it any time. I just show you some pictures of basil I have in other pots.


I picked two flower pots from the place they love to burn trash in nature, but I can't save all the plastic from fire. I really don't like that but I can’t do too much because it's not my place.


I dig land for a flower pot and my girl dig one too. She enjoyed the time with me.



Now we have dirt in the two flowers pots, so I start removing basil to grow in the new pots.


After watering it’s ready.


I know it's name in my language but I don’t know call in English, so I studied and learned the name in English is Mexican mint. When my dad was alive he loved eating it with sugar, he said it was good for his neck.

Some people in my country like using it in food. This plant my husband got from an Indian immigrant in Suriname.


The lemon fruits after rain.


The lime fruits in the landlords' garden.


The baby cassava, I saw the man work for the landlord plant this maybe one week or maybe 10 days ago.


This tree looks like jackfruit but it’s not, it's breadfruit.


Plantain crashed.


This chili is very spicy and I don’t like to eat it.


I love to eat this chili.



The yardlong beans in landlords' garden.


This is spinach.


I hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful day everybody.

Monkey B



That really sucks that people wanna ruin nature, But one man's garbage was your treasure in this case.

Thank you for sharing this awesome garden post, Did you know hive now has a community designed just for gardening.

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Oh thank you very much I will do it next post about garden. !ENGAGE 40

Awesome will be looking forward to seeing it

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It's wonderful that you are getting some plants growing and repurposing some thrown away plants. At lot of your pictures didn't show up, only a few so I couldn't see all those lovely food plants you have growing around your place.

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Oh, really? I'm sorry about that I don't know why. Thank you dear friend for visit and comment. !ENGAGE 25

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Your little girl is not so little anymore.... omg time flies! Beautiful garden, tough. And I am with you, I have tried chilies like the one in the picture and I don't like them either. Have a beautiful day bong srey!

Cambodia has so many different chilies but not have spicy too much like chili here. Thank you so much for bong I hope you both are everything good in Cambodia. !ENGAGE 25

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I hope your landlord is sharing some of those things with you. It's so amazing all of those beautiful fruits herbs and peppers.

Wonderful post my friend!

I can’t pick them but I used to give my two daughters buy a lemon from the landlord but they don’t sell and they give us a lemon, rain every day made lemon fall so much my little girl picked them from under lemon tree some time. Thank you so much my friend. !ENGAGE 20

If I had a garden like that I would let you pick as you wished. At least you get lemons.😊

Haha thank you my dear friend 🥰. If I can I wish to see you one day.

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Halo Suriname, saya dari Indonesia. Menanam adalah satu hal yang menyenangkan. saya suka

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Thank you for the tokens given. hope it will be great

@tipu curate 🐞

Thank you for tips 😊

I don't think we can ever have too much mint and basil. These herbs should be easier to buy in this country.

Yes, that’s good when we walked to the other house then we can saw the new plants we need. !ENGAGE 15

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You are welcome I'm glad 😆

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