🦉 Owls And Different Birds All Around Us 🦅🐦 Paramaribo, Suriname

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Yesterday in the morning my little girl saw an owl behind our apartment, then she called us, mom and dad "I saw owl."

I said, "Oh really? Why do you know it’s an owl?" She said, "Because I learned about the name of animals in Khan Academy Kids in my iPad everyday." Then we go to look together.


The first time I just saw its back, so I don’t know what it is.


I try to walk slowly to look at its face.


Yes, it’s really an owl like Monkey-B said. She has a good memory and she is a smart girl.


It’s very quiet and looks at me a long time. I want to go near it but over there have mud and so much grass and I feel scared of the snakes also.


I just look at owl from far away and it look at me and it not fly away from me.


I am so happy to see it face to face and it make our family have a big smile together. I really enjoyed to live here more than the old place in Suriname.


We saw new animals and birds a lot here, and a few days ago we saw a big wild rabbit, and it runs very quickly when it saw us, so I not have picture because it running to jungle then it's gone.


This bird it came in my home so many times because it wants the bananas. But when it saw us sitting in living room it fly outside very quickly.

It’s trying came to eat bananas more times. And some day I learn English outside house with my girls and my husband is in the bathroom. Those days, it can enjoy eat the banana because not have the human make it feeling scared.



I take a banana and put outside house for the birds can eat. When they saw the banana, they stop to eat but when they hear something little, they fly away.

These are the birds scared the people so much but they are like to live near the people also. Have a beautiful day everybody.


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Monkey B



I love this. You see so many beautiful things like the owl's face. I would love to see this.

Thank you for sharing the beauty my friend. I really enjoy it especially in these times.

Oh my dear I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thank you too for your feedback. !ENGAGE 20

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It is such a beautiful owl! It's great that your daughter learned it on their iPad! Yes, your daughters are very smart, indeed, and they must think learning is fun, like I do! Good photos, and thanks for sharing this wonderful experience! 😊

Hi @thekittygirl, thank you very much for the lovely comment and support 😊😻. !ENGAGE 25

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Great working on this platform

Thank you very much 😊. !ENGAGE 10

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Wow nice shots!! I can’t believe you were able to take pictures while the bird inside the room!

Yes, I am too can’t believe to see owl and took pictures it but I can did it already. Normally these birds very difficult to get pictures of them. !ENGAGE 10

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