🍄🌳 #WednesdayWalk #MakeMeSmile 🌸🐸 Nature Around Me During Lockdown 😊

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Hello dear friends of Hive 🙏🏻. I walked to find insects around my place, but I did not find any because there is too much rain. Then I see so many different kinds of mushrooms and flowers to share for this post. This week is having lockdown four days in a week and every evening at 4pm until the morning.

We can’t go in the store together now, only one person from a family now can do the shopping. All the stores have only a little bit of vegetables and some bananas, but no other fruits now. I can buy only cucumbers and canned tomatoes, but we eat so many cucumbers for two weeks already. We do not have a choice what we eat, just eat it or not eat.

But things got a little better when I can get some tofu. This week I do not have a recipe to share with you all because here not have propane gas to change anywhere. Justin ride his bicycle to change gas and for buy electric stove but they do not have them in our part of town.


We tried to call a propane business but they do not have it now. We have a friend try to help us but he can't find it like us. He said this country never have problems like that before.

He said now there is so much COVID-19 cases and the Prime Minister of Suriname not have money to buy vaccines. So maybe next the week the lockdown will be for two weeks. COVID-19 makes all the people have so many problems and a difficult life. I really hope it ends soon.


Finally we can get gas now. We smile a little bit about that, we have it for making dinner tonight.


The pink orchids are my favorite flowers. I learned the name is Vanda in the orchid family.


There are many different kinds of orchid flowers.


This passionflower is not yet blooming.



These are succulent flowers from the family Portulacacaea.



These mushrooms in the landlords' garden, and these are edible.


This frog I nearly step on it by because it looks like stones but it was lucky I saw it first.



Have a nice day everyone.

Monkey B



There are many things to do during lockdown because of Covid-19. Look plant that exist in nature, I see in the photo there is a mushroom that can be eaten the same as in indonesia, namely the name Ear mushroom in indonesia that grows under a tree , is can made into sauted mushrooms. I don't know if it's in Suriname. Thank you.

Yes, wood ear fungus we can eat them but other mushrooms I don't know but I think we can not eat. Thank you for your feedback 😊. !ENGAGE 40

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Thank you again.

Beautiful photos Sweetie! I love hose flowers and amazing mushrooms. That frog I even couldn't tell what it was until I read your text, lol.

But I am very sorry about the situation in Suriname and I wish you can move to a better palce soon 💖🙏💖

Thank you my dear friend I appreciate you love them. Yes, we hope so 😊🙏🏻. !ENGAGE 30

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Such cool fungi and plants, I am glad you were able to get some gas and I hope things improve and the shops have more supplies soon

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yes, we hope so. Thank you too for your comment and time. !ENGAGE 20

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Such beautiful mushrooms. I love mushrooms and seeing them grow is amazing.

But i got scared looking at the froggy 😕

Yes, they are beautiful but some can not eat. Oh, you scared froggy , in my country we like eat them and we think they are good for health. !ENGAGE 15

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Yeah, so sometimes I also find mushrooms in my garden at wet spots, but I don't know which ones are edible or not, so I leave them be 🙈. I should really research them more, so I can know the different species.

Yes, I just know we can eat wood ear fungus and other mushrooms in theses pictures I don’t know too. !ENGAGE 20

Yes, we usually buy the wood ear fungus here in store. Haven't seen those yet in the wild in Suriname, until you shared those pictures.

Enjoy the weekend 😊.

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Those flowers are so pretty. Will your landlord let you eat the mushrooms. It's something. Hope you get more food soon my friend.😌

I know wood ear fungus we can eat but other mushrooms are hard and I think they are poison. And the mushrooms growing in plantan tree I don't know if we can eat or not I scared to eat them. Yes, I hope there will be more vegetables tomorrow. Thank you my friend ❤️. !ENGAGE 15

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Very pretty picture.
I like to see all the pictures that you show me.

Thank you for your nice words. !ENGAGE 10

You're welcome sis.

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