He Looks Gruff But Like Me Cares Much More Than Willing To Let On 😘 proud to have ...

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... finally given my father his #1 Dad hat for Father’s Day. He was out riding, what he loves too do. My fathers riding group “The Lone Wolves” is participating in a travel the world for a little girl with cancer that will never get the chance of her own. Posting pictures with a little cartoon cardboard cutout of her taking a picture as if she was there herself. That is how my father spent his day and just another reason why he is not only #1 to me but everyone that is blessed with his friendship. Don’t let looks deceive you, my father is a living example ❤️


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Thanks for sharing your story.


Thanks for stopping in 🤟

Wow that is a sweet photo of you two!

Thanks buddy ✌️

Wow! Like father like sons! Very handsome people there! What smilingly happy faces!!

Yea we do look a lot a like though I hope to stay away from the belly 😘