Indian Popular Sweet Dish 'Jalebi' - B/W Photography

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Food is an important part in our lives and we can't expect a life without food because it's one of the basic necessities for our life survival. this is also an art and people try to explore a lot of things about cooking and they do prepare some various amazing dishes which are so tasty with different tastes.

People like to have some sweet dish after food and the one I'm sharing today is also a similar kind of which is quite popular in India. The name of this dish is Jalebi it is so sweet by its taste.



It's kind of sugar-coated the sugar juice is filled inside that makes it so yummy and if you have it hot then it so crispy also.


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Jalebi is available in almost every part of India in some form. Crunchy outside and very soft inside, this is one of the most famous sweet.
Diwali is not complete without this.
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well said and I agree with you on this

Diwali is not complete without this.

My so 🧁🧁🧁🎂🎂 sweet favariute choice jalabi

thank you