Remember To Tighten Your security So That You Cards Can Safe

Remember To Tighten Your security So That You Cards Can Safe
Hello players, how are you feeling today? This is a gentle reminder for new players that are buying cards this period to remember locking their cards. This is the best way to secure your assets 100%. It does take you time to lock all your cards, you can even lock all your cards in a few minutes.
One of the fears of people who are doing business online is hacking or attacking through different means. I was talking to my friends online about splinterlands and he was asking me about the security. One thing I am happy about in splinterlands is guaranteed high security but you need to make sure to use this security for your own good. Splinterlands can not give your 100% security because there are things you must do to get that.
The following steps should be consider for 100% security guarantee:

  • Lock your cards: it is very important to lock your cards especially the one you do not want to sell because locked cards can not be sold, transferred or burned. Locked cards can be used in battles and rented out; in fact it is safe to lock all your rented cards. Yesterday i wanted to sell one of my cards so that i can get money to pay my loan, i realized that the card would take 30 days to unlock and i was not happy at all. Sometimes, locking up your cards you want to sell can be devastating and not advisable to lock them, but if you know you don’t want to sell it now, you can lock them up.
    There is a feature i like most in the locking of cards in splinterlands which is “specification of number of days the cards will take to unlock”. The mistake I made was that when i was locking my cards I specified 30 days which simply means that the cards that i locked will take 30 days to unlock from the time i unlocked it.
    mycella.png I unlock this card yesterday and it will take 30 days to unlocked because when i was locking it, i spesified 30 days.
    Even though you want to sell those cards you can still lock them but specify how long the cards will take to unlock. I learned that any cards that i want to sell, i will not specify a long time to unlock the cards, i can specify 1 or 2 days. These cards will unlock 24 or 48 hours of unlocking them.
    Therefore My friends, I will advise you to lock all your cards to avoid your cards being stolen.
  • Do not click untrusted links from discord channel: since the day some players' accounts were hacked and some of their cards were stolen, I don't click untrusted links. The Attackers are very smart and intelligent, they have ways of attacking you and get your account hacked. It happened to me on Facebook; I was emailing and I clicked the email that very day not knowing that it was a process of hacking my Facebook account. After a few days not knowing that the attacker was using my Facebook account to perpetrate evil things. The reason I knew that my account was hacked was that I was not able to log in again because whenever I wanted to log in, I received a message saying, “the account does not belong to me and someone is using the account”. It took me a few days to recover my account and since then, I learned to use 2-factor authentication.
    Do not click untrusted links.
  • Never make a mistake of giving your private keys to someone: be sensitive and do not give your private keys to people. They might not come straight to you to request your private keys but using methods. Remember what i said to you, they are very smart; you might have a little problem you don’t know what to do about it, and you want it to be solved.
    I had an issue in my bank and someone called me and even called my account number, account name and my date of birth. Of Which a truth I had the problem then and i was frustrated of going to the bank because the first day i went, stayed from morning to night, i was not attended to due to the population of people having different issues with their accounts.
    I would have been a victim of scammers that very day, but my surprise was that he was asking for my ATM pin which is rare to ask from bankers. I called my bank immediately and they told me that it was a scam.
    Do not give your private keys out.

specification.png i just lock this card right now. To avoid stress, go to your and select all the cards you want to lock. in one click, you will lock all your cards.

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Thank you all


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