HiveTorch Hop #38

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Until yesterday, I didn't know that this initiative exists on the Hive blockchain, and then I have received the HiveTorch! I remember a similar event on the old blockchain, when I was a "young" member and receiving a big amount of tokens was a big surprise to me... It was a matter of trust, friendship, and community acceptance... As it meant to me a lot to receive this honor, I have decided to create a short video about it...

HiveTorch Hop 38.jpg

I've got yesterday the #HiveTorch from my CTP friend @pixiepost, and now it's the time to send it to the next awesome Hivian! As I don't know any Hivian who isn't awesome, it was a bit problem to chose one... lol... But, I have no doubts that all of my friends will receive it sooner or later...


I have a couple of my favorite authors and creators between my friends, and I'm watching/reading their stuff every day... It helps me in my personal growth, and I think that they also get something useful from my vlogs and blog posts... Inspiring each other and exchanging ideas, opinions, experiences...

One of these awesome people is Russell Stockley (@russellstockley), so I'm passing this HiveTorch to him!


Thank you for your valuable time,


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0


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Great video - thanks a lot!
From which country did you do this vlog? I might later create a map of all the locations the torch has been.

Thank you for kind words! I live in Spain, and making a map sounds like an awesome idea!

Thanks for starting this HiveTorch movement! It was a pleasant surprise knowing that it's "running" through our blockchain :)

It's hard to find the one when there many awesome people are around. Maybe that's the special power to pick up the right one. :)

I have no doubts that everyone from my surroundings will get it sooner or later, as all of my friends are great people... And others know that... and if not, will know... :)

Great video and great choice with @russellstockley !

May the torch move through the ranks of this awesome community!

This is awesome! I liked how you took it up a notch with the video! :) And @russellstockley is an awesome choice.

You have kept the honor of the #hivetorch intact & knew you would. Russell will definitely do so as well. As you said, it's all about deepening the bond within the Hive community & that is what counts the most out of everything else.

Thanks, Zoltan, for continuing to be my inspiration. 💚

Well... Thank you for giving me the opportunity!
I've just got HiveTorch from an awesome person, and forwarded it to another awesome person :)

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this initiative :)

strong community builds strong community

You are welcome, and you have chosen the perfect person to continue this initiative!

Thank you for all the support here!

I think it's a great honor to receive the Hive torch. Congrats @russellstockley .

Yes, it is an honor! Thanks for the comment and Russell has already passed HiveTorch to the next Hivian!

Great video Zoltan, and nice pick sending it to Russell, and it's a good sign that there are so many people to chose from that it's hard to chose one, says quite a bit about the strength of our community.

It's a great feeling when you have so many great people in the community... and the hardest thing is to pick one of them... a not to FIND someone worthy...

So happy to be a part of this community!


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