Received the #hivetorch. Passed it on to @hirohurl. :)

in Hivetorch27 days ago


Hive torch was seen in Colorado, US.

Woohoo 609 Hive. Nice!

I passed the torch on to @hirohurl after adding 1 hive to it.

I love this intiative, since it promotes goodwill, and increased content on the blockchain.

David, it's all yours. Enjoy and find someone worthy to pass on the kitty to. :)


I wonder just how many times this thing will go. I'd love to see it hit 1000.



Thanks for passing it forward, Rob! I know it's in good hands with @hirohurl as well. That would be fun to see it get to 1000. This is a super active community for sure.

Thanks for handing me the #hivetorch, @robwillmann - I passed it on to @jimmy.adames with 1 Hive added to the pot.