My #HiveChat Recap! 23 Feb 2021

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#HiveChat is a weekly twitter meeting about the blockchain #Hive! The host is different each week, but it's usually co-managed by @traciyork.

Every week there are five questions on a certain topic chosen beforehand. Always related to our #HIVE. Most of these questions are educational in nature. If you don't know the answer, looking it up (or waiting for someone else to answer it) will teach you something new.

I don't attend #HiveChat often because they always start at a busy time in my day. But when I do, I love to write these recaps of my answers.

Today (23 Feb 2021) the host was 3SpeakVidShare which is an account that shares @threespeak videos and other hive related things! The topic of questions is Hive in general:

Imagine you meet someone on the street who knows nothing of blockchains or crypto. Convince them in 30 sec to join #hive without using any techy terms.


This is a hard one. I'm don't like persuading people. Won't speak about Hive unless to someone I think will like it.

Let's see: "Do you know about #Hive? You can write about what you like and there's a community or an app for everything!"

Q2 - To get adoption by the masses, should we focus more on the individual dapps or continue as we are pushing #hive as a whole? Keep in mind the majority of people dont understand blockchains as we do.


Everyone should focus on what they do best!!

What is the best hashtag to use to describe Hive without using the word "Hive"?


I never thought of this before... Was going to say #HiveFixesThis but there's hive in it. #FreeSpeech is too generic.

I spent 15 minutes trying to think of a creative name and failed... I'll just use @steevc's suggestion #SocialBlockchain.

What type of content do you enjoy consuming the most of on Hive? (ie video, live stream, written, audio, etc)


Written content! Also original drawings.

Outside of http://D.Buzz microblogs I don't read many posts. When I read them. I enjoy the posts that are "alive." Can't describe it, just the feeling that this guy/girl is #SoPassionate.

We are all individuals who put different values on things.
What makes Hive valuable to YOU?
ie currency, free speech, etc


Love this question!!
Hive as whole is valuable to me. If I want to just blog, there are alternatives including #ReadCash. If I want a passive income, there are many other ways.

Hive's community & various Dapps make it unique and worthwhile.

What do you think?

There are many great answers by other users. Click on the question link "Q1:)" to see them. I only recap my own answers because I wanted to save time. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Please tell me if you (dis)liked the format so I improve it!