HivePower Maters and I made it 13k HP now. #HappyMoment

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Hi everyone

Today in this video I have talked about the importance of hive power and I am going to have 13k HP real soon.

I have goal to have 20k Hive power by this year and this is still far away. Let's see how close I will be able to reach.

Thank you so much.


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Great achievement!

Thank you.

I am far away from you. I dream for having million HP, but the truth is that I can't even touch your level. Congrats!! for your achievement.

Nothing is impossible buddy. Consistent efforts and hard work pays of for sure. This is what I can say. Thanks for your kind words.

Nice amount of HP that you managed to collect! Congratulations!

Thank you so much.

Congratulations on 13K HivePower, Alok!

Having a bigger HP shows your commitment to the platform and you are a great example of true-heart Hivian!

Thank you so much @ph1102
Yes, I am a believer in the hive and have long term vision. appreciate your kind words.

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Congrats on getting to 13k HP that is an awesome, and good luck on hitting 20k by the end of the year.