Interactive #HiveChat on Twitter by @Jongolson It was wonderful experience

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Hello everyone

In this video I have talked about the amazing and wonderful experience I had on Twitter to hivechat program and it was organised by @jongolson

I participated for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every question asked by him.

I suggest more hive owners to be part of this fantastic initiative and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you so much.


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It was a lot of fun in today's #HiveChat! Thanks for your participation!

And yes, there was a lot of Hive buzzing all around Twitter, great questions, even better answers, and great community effort!

Yes, it was so much fun on #hivechat
I hope more hivers will join the event and it will be even more fun. this is such a fantastic initiative. Thanks @ph1102

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Thank you

Thank you for being a part of it Alok! I had no idea it was your first #HiveChat. :)
It's always fun and crazy energy but it is definitely worth hosting at least once. I was able to do that a month ago and it was amazing.

Jon did a fantastic job & asked great questions! But without you & the rest of the Hive community, it wouldn't have been possible so thank you again! :)

Sending pixie dust to you....great video and have an awesome day!

Hi @pixiepost

It was awesome and I enjoyed every question asked by Jon. Indeed he did a job and people were answering so fast. It was like everyone is trying to answer asap and this was so much fun.

I even enjoyed reading answers from the community as well. Thanks much.

yeah, reading the honest answers from others is my favorite part! i learned so much every single time....


My calendar is marked for next events of #hivechat

Great! We have a lot of Gifs for Hivechat that you are free to use too:

this was super awesome to see how much you enjoyed it!

It was a great experience and I will join it every Tuesday. I hope more hivers should join.