How Do I Evaluate the Current Hive Price? My response to @hafizullah

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Hello Everyone,

Today in this video I have shared my response to the question asked by one of my favourite hiver @hafizullah and he asked a question- How Do I Evaluate the Current Hive Price? in his recent post

This is such an interesting question and I would like to thanks my friend @hafizullah for asking this question. I have answered the question in this video and have shared what I think of the current Hive price which is going down.

Please watch the video and share your thoughts as well in comments.

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Great sir hive will raise soon ⁦✌️⁩😁🙏

Thank you.

Thanks brother for your excellent response and I strongly believe that It will definitely play a great role in removing everyone's anxiety.


Thanks for the great explanation. A lot of people are worrying about it so i think they must check this video.

Thanks brother.