What Are You Investing in Your Time?

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We often complain that 24 hours a day is not enough. But have you ever thought that it is not time that is lacking, but we are the ones who fail to make good use of the time we have?

Successful people are people who can invest time in many useful things. So we can start sacrificing some of our pleasures in exchange for more time for productive activities.


About Sacrifice and Increasing The Quality of Time

The best way to make more of our time to build on our success is to sacrifice a lot of fun things.

Try to evaluate again how much time you spend watching your favorite TV series. How much time do you spend just browsing entertainment content on social media? How much time do you spend chatting and hanging out with your friends at the cafe?

As we become more mature in our career paths, we know we have to sacrifice a few things in exchange for more time for our success.

You must be willing to sacrifice things that are not important to do so far and then replace them with more useful things.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't rest and entertain yourself. All you have to do is reduce it all.

The result of the time that you succeed in reducing your pleasure is a form of investment for you. You will have more time to do productive things than to spend time only pleasing your brain but bad for your success.

Stop delaying Something

Putting off doing important things will usually be replaced by you doing things more relaxed. You often feel sorry for yourself and think you should enjoy life more.

We know it's important to enjoy life, but that doesn't mean relaxing more and it turns into laziness.

We must remember that we cannot do important things for ourselves until we push ourselves strongly to do.

Putting off something is draining your time, instead, you invest a lot of growing your skills in your time.

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Do Activities That Develop Yourself

Invest in activities that build and develop yourself in the time you have available.

If the hobbies you do make you feel better, not just take up your time, it means you are making the right decisions. But if you mostly do things that just please your brain to make yourself feel good, then you can be sure you are not doing anything for your life. You invest nothing in your time and let it pass.

If there is anything that is the vainest thing to this world, then it is the time you spend making yourself comfortable, not making yourself grow and develop.


Investment on self is best investment. Laziness will cause the missed opportunity.

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agree :)

24 hours is mostly not enough for me,but then our priorities will always work. Hive and leo are part of my priority

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Exactly, I feel you. Because now I'm making money from blockchain ehehe

This is so on point & the timing of this post is amazing lol. I am in the middle of eliminating some things in my business that no longer serve my vision so I can focus on the things that do. It's a process so it doesn't happen overnight but as long as I am making progress, that is a good sign to me...

Time management is something I have always struggled with. I will always get things done regardless but sometimes in a frantic stressful way. LOL. I am always tweaking my schedule to allow it to work for me in a more positive way. Being efficient is better than being "busy". Busy doesn't always mean productive & I am learning that :)

Thank you for the tips. It's a good reminder for me & also shows me I am on the right path. It's all about balance (which will look different for everyone). I am more excited about things when I don't have to worry about running out of time for things that are important to me. 💖

Be productive, not busy :)

I tried hard to eliminate things that make me lazy :D

Thank you so much for making comment and reading my post. Have a great day @pixiepost :)

Sooooo, no binge watching Netflix or playing a Mafia game on your phone?? Darn ok.. check he he he 😂 JK!!!

Have an awesome day as well, girl! :) Keep smiling. 💚

yes sister i agree with you, we spend much time in just browsing and watching video, so need to understand the value of time, and we should invest our time in best work and task, we have a lot time, but we think we have no time,some people do nothing all the day, but they also complain that they have no time, best thoughts you shared in this article that open our mind to do and invest time in best work, thank sister for this great text , aslam-mu-alakum

Walaikum salam my bro :)

I hope we have quality of time to be more successful:)

Totally agree with your post, except my personal view is a bit different...

So we can start sacrificing some of our pleasures in exchange for more time for productive activities.

I don't look at exchanging my TV time with reading a good post (as yours) and engaging with you as a sacrifice... :) Actually, I have changed my dull time for a productive and personally more quality time... :)

When we look at things like fun, they don't appear like work or a job... This is pure fun and learning time... :)

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I don't know where my time goes :P

your time goes to gigi :*

Yes, I am investing my time to the decentralized blockchain with full freedom. :D

Great choices 🚀🚀🚀💸💸💸