What If There's No Sunshine

in GEMS2 months ago


Maybe not ”none”. It's just not there yet. Often something that happens and the way we make decisions comes from despair.

The rain that fell for days in the area I live in, taught me something. That we must continue to hope for good changes, but at the same time, we must adapt.

The people here and I have to get used to flooding, have to get used to drying clothes without the sun.


I have to get used to running in the morning without sunshine.

I know it's just a matter of getting used to it and it's not ordinary. I have to teach my brain to get used to all of this.

Before there really will be sunshine again, we must still be grateful. Rain is a blessing and there is always something positive going on behind it all.

Many reasons can make us complain, but there is only one reason for us to accept whatever happens, which is gratitude.




Gratitude and hope that tomorrow will be better and if we couldn't get the sun today, just hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

Hope is a magical weapon :)