You Are The Reason

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Coffee is created not only to delay sleepiness and provide energy for workers. More than that, it has created many cafe businesses that are not as popular as they used to be before.

This is related to the things I want to discuss this time. About the reasons, we are in this world.

I know we will not find a direct answer to the reason why we are born in the world. Even some people who feel bad will regret having been born into the world.

People who feel unlucky will blame all the circumstances instead of finding one small reason why they deserve to endure this life.

You are the reason. What for? No one knows exactly, maybe even yourself until you go through a long journey, and proceed in life, and then find the reason why you are still in this world.


Without You Knowing It, You Are a Big Reason for Life

It's not about the reason you exist because of someone. It is not as simple as in the love songs, "I am there to love you". Life is not that simple, it is not just for the love of two people. Life is bigger than that.

Have you ever thought that your life also affects the lives of many people? The slightest action you take will affect the lives of others.

Especially in today's social media era, we can quickly become aware of what creates an effect on many users.

So even without you knowing it, you are connected to a circle of life that affects the lives of others.

Whatever your reasons are for living in the moment, always believe that there will be good reasons in it.


Digging Up for the Good Things in Life

Naturally, we find it difficult to realize the true purpose and reason we live. It is a process.

We have to dig deeper into life to find that answer. So the most important thing is how we explore the good things in life and pass them on.

Do not stop the kindness you receive only for you. You are a messenger of goodness to everything in this world.

You deserve to be a reason for something. And never feel insecure. Even though you never realize it, some things grow beautifully because of your kindness.

Keep sharing the positives, and have a great weekend!


Yes stay positive however hard it may be.
Count your blessings and it takes time and discipline staying in a positive mindset, but keep at it I say. We all struggle with the discipline part, even I, but I remember that when things don't go according to plan, I try to be easy on myself and forgive myself and start with positive reinforcing myself. Heck if I don't do it, who will?

Enjoy the new week 😊

Indeed, forgive ourselves is a nice way to get better. :)

Enjoy your weekend

Yes... I am usually the hardest on myself then others, but in time I have realized that I should be consistent and also learn to just breathe. Take the setbacks for what they are and move on.

@tipu curate :)

Thank you ❤️