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RE: You still think Justin is a man of his word and wants to negotiate with our witnesses and the community? WRONG!

in GEMSlast year (edited)

In my opinion it doesn't matter, if Korean are with us or versus us, becuase Justin will get more SP anyway. It's just like few weeks more and we will lose all the spots, all the binance founds will be transfered to dev account just to make hostiletakeover happen.

This is the end, they don't care about our steem blockchain, about our dapps and other stuff. SMT may never be implemented, steem be destroyed and splited into trx20 token or other worthless token.

After some weeks even unexperienced developers will know how to make hard fork, which can change everything!

Sorry, but I don't see the future here even, if I still believe. There is only small chance to be good future at this moment.


The future is with blocktrades and the chain he and others are putting together. They will fork this chain we know as Steem onto a new name. All of the existing balanced will transfer except Justin and his posse. Keep a close eye on blocktrades for developments.