Be Patience🧘‍♂️

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Namaskar / Hello to hive user I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones

I am back here with a new Topic that is Be Patience🧘‍♂️

Patience means as per the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

There is only a small gap between Patience and impatience, its like a gap of a thread between them. You have seen many peoples got angry in small-2 things and some don't even care a lot about the small things.
when we suffer from something bad others say be Patience this time also pass like the other time so is that really so?
Yes is it true that the time will pass no matter what you do, so be Patience and stay calm in every situations. If you get panic in every simple things/ problems then this will be bad for you and also the peoples around you.
The nature of yours sure going to effect the others around you, whatever the situation may occur you should have some Patience or at-least some times pretend sometimes in bad situations that help a lot there are my personal experience.

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When I have started my Journey in Steem Hive, I thought that I will become a power full user in a day 😂, but now I understand how all things work here and still learning and what I have learn this far.
You will a whale or dolphin or whatever you wish to be but have some Patience, you can't climb a mountain in a days it takes a lots of years hard work so be Patience and do what you do the day will come. Don't be Impatience, Be Patience The best is yet to come.😀🙏

Have some faith and Be patience, #hive is going to be pump soon buckle up for a jump in #hive

Thanks a lot for being here, I hope you find something new here. Let me know what you think.






Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----


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