Visited empty property of our company..

in GEMS2 months ago


Good day friends and to all of my fellow Hivers out there hope all is well.

Last day i visited one of our property in the company since i never visited this property for almost 2 months. So i made a quick visit to it and the days gone so fast the empty lot property is now full of bushes and lots of small trees growing around the area.

The cabin are still in good shape and the scrap are still on there areas which is a great news that all of the scrap are still on their areas. My boss ask me to always took a picture of all company properties while He is not able to witness all of it since He still at Korea and not able to get back to the Philippines as of now.



It was a missed empty property but i was happy seeing everything inside was in good shape specially those small trees and bushes growing freely inside our property..


Hope you all guys enjoy my little story today, have a wonderful day ahead, stay safe and in good health..God Bless everhone!


Wow, that looks like big lot,how big is it?

Yes Gail.. I don't know exactly how long and wide.. I'll get back to you soon when i find the details Gail.. miss you guys!