Working is like an exercise to me, chilling and enjoying..grass cutting time.

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Good day friends and to all of my fellow Hivers out there hoping all is well.

Today is a very sweaty day as i made my job like a daily exercise i am not worried today on watering those plants i transferred last couple of days because we encounter heavy rain last night.

While looking around and checking every plants i recognized that the bermuda grass are growing and scattered too fast so i decide to work on it using manual grass cutter. This is not hard to use and i know a bit about this because i always used this tools when i was about 8-9 years of age.

It was really a fan and relaxing Job that made me sweat and exercise my legs and hand it was indeed a lot of fun.




After a long day of cutting under the heat of the sunshine, finally i made it clear and clean the grass ground before the dawn.

Thank you for dropping guys. Wishing you a wonderful day stay in good health, stay safe and God Bless..