I Am Alive Challenge Day 15 || My Little Garden Of Herbs

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Hi everyone, hope you are great and staying safe. First, a happy father's day to all the fathers in the world...you guys are awesome. Unfortunately, I couldn't make a video today due to some personal matters...so I decided to make a blog for the #iamalivechallenge by @flaxz.

So it is day 15 of the #iamalivechallenge and thankfully it has been a wonderful raining day so far. Nothing out of the ordinary...just been home chilling with movies and sleeping for the most of it.

Taking a stroll around the house, I decided I would show you my small home garden...not for flowers though.

This is a plant in my small herbal garden in the house. Although, I can't remember its name but it is used for medicinal purpose. Some people just chew on it raw like that, I wonder how they can lol.

This here is called "Bitter leaves", like the name says it is very bitter. Just a taste of it would spoil your day lol. It is also medicinal as it can be used to stop stomachache just by washing and squeezing out its water...trust me it works but it is really bitter. However, it is commonly used in preparing meals, local soup like egusi soup, bitter leaf soup amongst others but we wash it to do away with most of the bitterness...that way it is eatable.

There are other leaves but these were the only good shots that came up lol...I would try for better ones again. So that is it for today, catch you on my next blog/vlog.

My main account is @bliss11, incase you are wondering where I fell from lol. 🤪


Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!


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