I Am Alive Challenge Day 23 || A Cold And Wet Day!

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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing great. It is a cold and wet here today, I actually wanted to go out to get some personal things for myself and get a screen guard for my phone. The one I have on the screen now is broken so I need a change but couldn't do that because I don't like being out when it rains...I like to be indoors.

That aside, it is day 23 of the #iamalivechallenge an initiative by @flaxz and I am glad for a good day irrespective of the weather. I would just share a few photos of my quick walk to get watermelon down the street.

This is a random tree I saw during the walk, though It looks like a christmas tree but it differs in shape. We never really had one while growing up during christmas so I like admiring it when I see one... I decided to take shot.

Here I have the watermelon, in these parts watermelon are cut this way for those who just want a part and not a whole. They are in different sizes and the prizes depends on the sizes. Which I think is actually great, electricity is not stable here so you cannot just buy the whole if there is not a way to preserve it...and it is also more affordable this for most persons.


Stay Safe And Remain Positive. 💕💕

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Watermelon is probably my favourite fruit, ever. It's more than a great standalone snack; when cubed, it can be used as a garnish for wine!

Lol...yeah, I know you...😛

That watermelon sure looked good. I love watermelon just like you.

I bet you do lol...it is really a nice and tasty fruit. 🍉