I Am Alive challenge Day-144 Today's highlight and recent update 7th September 2020

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Hi everyone!
This is my today's I am alive challenge video and some updates that is happening around me..
In this video I have talked about the current situation of covid-19 along with some usual that is happening in my country, state and district..
One good news from my side with in 72 hours near about 800 people recovered in my district and returned home being healthy.
It means the total number of positive cases in my district is just 1100... But the situation of country level is very bad, within 24 hours over than 90 thousand active cases has been received..
overall situation is very bad but one positive thing is that recovery rate is also very good, so we can take a sigh of relief..
Thank you..

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Hello dear friend @certain good evening
What a pity that in your country things are not good in relation to the corona virus.
I was very happy to know that these people are now healthy and have conquered the disease, that is a sign that the treatments they are doing are very good
I appreciate that you let us know this information
stay safe and take care dear friend