I Am Alive challenge Day-152 Recent highlights and update 15th September 2020..

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Hi everyone!
Wishing you very lovely Tuesday..
This is my today's I am alive challenge video and some updates that is happening around me..
In this video I have talked about the usual things(precautions and avoidance) that I use to do taking covid-19..Although negligence is visible from every side, but till now I have not made any such mistake from my side, due to which there is a risk of some kind of infection..That is why it has been 152 days and I have succeeded in protecting myself.
Beside it I have also talked about the current situation of covid-19 of my country state and district..
Hope you all are also making every effort to keep yourself alive...
Thank you..

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Good to know that you are safe and sound...


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Hello dear friend @certain good evening
Thank God you have remained healthy all this time, as you say, in the face of so much recklessness of people one is vulnerable to contagion.
I appreciate that you let us know all this situation of your country
Have a wonderful night

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