#IAAC update The worst and best gift for me on the new year which I cannot accept.

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you happy new year..
In this video I have talked about the state of dilemma that's I am facing this time..
It is my misfortune that has been torturing me since 2015. For the first time I got an opportunity in endogenous transform in August 2015 but could not participate in counseling due to my mother's unexpected death. Because of this I was disqualified. Again 5 years later, on the morning of 1 January 2021, the list of endogenous transfers has been released, in which I became eligible after completing all the qualifications. But according to the condition, if I go in inter-state transfer, then I have to lose my designation and an increment. I am in a dilemma. Can't understand what to do. When I consulted family and friends about it, they advised against taking part in inter-state transfers, which is also appropriate for me. This is the best and worst gift of the new year for me.
Thank you..

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