I Am Alive challenge Day-247 Some sweet and sour memories of 2020 will remain with us.

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Hi beautiful world!
Fresh morning from my side.
With the sun set in December 31st, we will have a new dawn of hope. Sweet and sour memories of last year will be with us. Anyway, no one will be able to forget the previous year. While Bitcoin attained its peak, the demolition of XRP and economic down due to covid-19. In the case of benefits, we take away the hide while in the case of loss we weep. Whereas we are required to take the things equally under both circumstances. Profit loss is a part of our life. Sometimes a man is on a boat, sometimes a boat is on a man. This is the truth of life. Leave what has been left there. Now we have to look forward how we can the best use of coming year. Keeping this in mind, we will have to make further plans.There is no need to repent for the past, but rather learn from them.
Thank you..

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