I Am Alive challenge day-155 Recent highlights and update 18th September 2020

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Hi everyone!
Hope enjoying this Friday..
This is my #IAmAliveChallenge video and some updates that is happening around me..
It was a busy day for me.. due to Sunday on 20 September I have to submit my Pawna bill on 19 September..
For it, I was again on block resource centre. After spending two hours to get my pawna bill because some feeding work was in progress.. it means I have to wait till tomorrow...
The statics of positive cases that is confirmed in country 5214677 , while active cases are 1017754
State level- confirm 336294
Active cases-68235
District level- confirmed 1134
Active cases-3342
Overall situation is not good..
we have to continue our task with precautions and avoidance.. this is the way that we can keep ourselves alive..
Thank you..

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how are you dear friend @certain good night
It's a shame that I couldn't finish the paperwork in one day and you have to come back tomorrow, what a waste of time
I appreciate that you let us know the situation of the country
have a wonderful weekend

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