I Am Alive challenge Day-141 Recent highlights and update 4th September 2020

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Hi everyone..
welcome to all..
This is my #iamalivechallenge update that is happening all around me..
In this video I have talked about the current situation of covid-19 in my country, state and district..
In my district omewhere some carelessness of the hospital is being seen, due to which the news of the escape of patients from hospitals continues to be received.
Yesterday evening one Corona patient escaped from L1 hospital khairabad..Later investigation revealed that negligence with patients is increasing due to which patients are doing so.
Please watch full video to know whole conversation..
Thank you..

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hello dear friend @certain good night
These are the things that I do not understand, that goes through the heads of infested people, it is incredible that they do not think that their actions have serious consequences
I appreciate that you let us know this information
have a wonderful night and a splendid weekend