I Am Alive challenge Day-322 Eight consecutive day, eight death happened in my block. Update 17th April 2021

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful weekend..
This is my #IAmAliveChallenge update that is happening all around me..The consecutive of death is not over yet last eight days. One after another untimely people are dying. A fearful atmosphere creating all around here. People are so terrorized that you cannot see any person anywhere without mask. If people had done the this earlier, today it would not have happened. Within 24 hour 27000 cases got in my state and in country over them two lacs people got positive within 24 hours. One can easily understand that what situation this time we are facing. For the last 2 days I have not been out of the house. Fully isolated myself at home. Hope you are also doing good to keep yourself safe.
Thank you

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Hello dear friend @certain good day
I am very sorry for the situation that they are living in your town, it is true what you say, for people they are always like that, they have to wait for extreme situations to take knowledge
I tell you that the new tokkens of the community have been launched, I suggest you include the #alive tag so that you can receive the tokkens in your publications
stay safe and take care dear friend