I Am Alive challenge Day-327 Scary statistic getting each day taking positive cases. 9th May 2021

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday..
In this video I have talked about Corona positive statics taking my country state and district. One thing is satisfactory that there is no any positive cases around my village..
In case of my district here is over than 5030 active cases..
In my state here is scary statics that is crossed **245736 active cases while confirm cases are 1480315
Now country situation is very bad, each day over than 5 lacs positive cases are getting. Now active cases are 3736648 while **confirm cases are 22296414..
Overall situation is not good.. Death ratio is very high.. oxygen availability is the big problem for my country. No need to say. Make precautions otherwise one have to go hospital then it will be very critical situation for everyone.
Hope you are doing good to keep yourself safe..

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