I Am Alive challenge-Day-80 Where have you been? Everything has changed..

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Hi everyone!
Have a nice Sunday..
If you revisit the last three-four months, you will see how much has changed. People's thinking, way of living and even routine has changed. People are looking scared The suspicion of an untoward is causing uproar in the mind. It would not be wrong to say that this is the beginning of change and we will have to live with these changes in the coming days. Nature handles all things in its own way. This change is definitely there but the story of human destruction is hidden in it. And how much will we run. It is better to beat this odd situation with our preparation. The time to come is actually a test of our real patience.

stay safe and happy..
Thank you for your time..

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Hello @certain - Change is definately here and it is how we deal with that change which will determine our character

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Yes @certain, I believe many of the changes we have lived with for the last few months are here for good. The one change I personally hope stays is that so many restaurants that didn't really do take out before, do it now. I like that change.

How are you dear friend @certain good afternoon
It is true what you say, people are fearful, but that is not the way to deal with this, it is faced with information, and be careful, to be honest, I think that a large part of this new outbreak happened due to carelessness of people Now, however, the damage it has caused is irreversible, with that we have to live for several years and adapt to a new reality.
excellent theme, I appreciate you did
have a great week dear friend