I Am Alive challenge Day-326 Spending time in a peaceful and green atmosphere 8th May 2021

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful weekend..
This is my #iamalivechallenge update..
There is something in the natural environment that refreshes us. A few days ago, where not only did I quarantine myself, but I was living in the shadow of fear. But after 1 week, when I reached the village after being relieved of duty, the atmosphere changed completely. There is no chaos. All the people are doing their work peacefully. It seems as if nothing is happening in the world. Fresh green vegetables and essential food items grown in the fields are found in real form every day, so there is no need to go to the market. I consider myself lucky enough. For the next 45 days I have to live in this environment where every day pollution free air, green environment and the real beauty of nature is seen.
Stay safe and happy..

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Hello dear friend @certain good afternoon
It makes me very happy to know that you are in that extraordinary place surrounded by nature and fresh and healthy food. enjoy it a lot dear friend
have an excellent afternoon

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