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RE: You still think Justin is a man of his word and wants to negotiate with our witnesses and the community? WRONG!

in GEMSlast year

Thanks a lot for this post. I needed to see something like this in the trending page. They keep talking about nogotiation. They keep writing for him open letters. They keep tagging him and asking him things. That's all not gonna work. He doesn't give a shit about anyone here. All he cares about is to takeover this chain and live here alone with his bots. Of course we will keep fighting and maybe we still have the chance to save the chain. But, if that not gonna happen, we will just be happy to move to a new better chain and leave him alone here like a jerk. Steem community will live forever and even if we will have a new name, we will always be connected and we may build something even better than steem.


I see it exactly the same way! That guy didn't get so big because he is such a caring and social guy 👍😉