Encounter This Interesting Video About “Cinderella Weight” Trend In Japan And My Thought About It.

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So guys, i watched this video because it came in my recommendation.
I was interested with it because weight is something that im very conscious about.
And the word “trend” about topic that i care is something so intriguing.

So, the lady in this video said that there’s a new trend in Japan about weight.
Its called Cinderella weight.
Initially there’re three types if weight there:

  • Average weight
  • Beauty weight
  • Cinderella weight

So how to know our each weight?

  • Natural Weight

I suppose this is the standard or recommended weight for people in each height.

How to count it:
Height x Height x 22.0 = Natural Weight

My natural weight:

156 x 156 x 22.0 = 535,392 which means its 53,5 kg

  • Beauty Weight

How to count it:
Height x Height x 20.0 or 18.5 = Beauty Weight

My beauty weight:
156 x 156 x 20 = 486,720

156 x 156 x 18.5 = 450,216

So my beauty weight supposed to be between 45 to 48,6 kg

  • Cinderella Weight

How to count it:

Height x Height x 20 x 0.9 = Cinderella Weight

My Cinderella weight:

156 x 156 x 20 x 0.9 = 438,048

So my Cinderella weight supposed to be 43,8 kg.

My Personal Thought

I know weight is something very personal and everyone has their own standard to their body, as it should.
But i realized that i agree for the Cinderella weight to be applied to me.
Surprisingly, even before knowing this Cinderella weight trend, i already know that i am the most comfortable with my body in 43-44 kg.
I dont feel underweight, i feel fit.
The more i weight, the worse my health became.
Now, since Covid, i am in 50 kg.
Which stressed me a lot.
Not only that i cant wear so many if my clothes, my stomach always feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
My back and neck often in pain too.

I really should hit the gym again or at least do a serious work out as i always do before the pandemic.

This might be extreme for many people.
Many people said, “Oh Weight doesnt matter you’re still skinny you dont need to be thin always.”
But what to do, i live my whole life thinking that i look the best without any necessary fat.
I love very fit and small outfits.
My health is better when i eat healthily and work out which resulting weight lost.

I think that, we should not be shamed of our preference.
I think that as long as im healthy and strive to be healthy, i should not be scared to be judged to “want to be thin”.
If there are people like me that actually like and agree with this Cinderella weight, please dont be ashamed.
But remember to not do any unhealthy diet.
The goal is to be pretty and fit.