Cryptobrewmaster - My Game status update....

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Hello all friends,
Sharing my @cryptobrewmaster Game status....


BEER ready for Trading

Their is no BEER ready for trade. I sold more then 14 BEERs today (mix of normal and good quality).

CBM Value

At the time or writing the post the I have 927 CBM in my game account and thotl value of those CBM is 55 Hive.

You can check the current price of CBM on hive-engine by clicking on this link
I need some few more to start my first withdrawal.

Production Activity


A Normal Grade Beer production is in process and will be able to claim in after 1.17 Hours.

Back Pack

I have plenty of items in backpack.
The items with sky blue colors belongs to the Outstanding grade.


Outstanding grade BEER

Few days back I claimed Outstanding grade Hops, now I have all 5 ingredient required for Outstanding grade BEER.

Thanks to all my active referrals.


Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral linkand start earn CBM token.


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