Health & diseases | #01 | Are you using Sunscreen products from Johnson and Johnson?


Being a GP, besides consulting patients in my chamber I try to keep an eye on health news and updates. Here is a little effort to share a few with you. Hope that it will be helpful.

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People with mental illness are at high risk of COVID

From the beginning of the pandemic, a group of people are considered at high risk for the disease. People with diabetes, hypertension, long-standing lungs diseases (e.g. COPD), obesity etc are included in this list. However, a recent study shows that people with some mental disorders are also at high risk of death from COVID19.

The study was a meta-analysis of previous studies done in 22 different countries. The goal of those studies was to estimate the risk of death among the confirmed COVID cases. Among other risk factors, mental illnesses were also considered. It was found that people with mental illnesses such as psychotic or mood disorders were at higher risk of death from the disease.

The researchers suggest that mental illness patients should also be prioritised for the vaccines irrespective of their age.

For details: here

Your Sunscreen may contain a carcinogen!

Sunscreen is used to protect someone from the carcinogenic effect of ultraviolet radiation, which may lead to some skin cancers. However, if the sunscreen itself contains a carcinogen in it, instead of protection, it may cause more harm. That's exactly what happened to some sunscreen products from Johnson and Johnson (J&J).

The company has recalled all the products in which trace amounts of benzene was found which is a known skin carcinogen. The company also asked the consumers to throw away the products already bought. You will find the list of the recalled sunscreen products in the following link.

Stop using these sunscreen products

World IVF day on the 25th of July

Louise Joy Brown was born on 25th July 1978. Why is it an important day and who is Louise Brown? She is the first IVF aka test-tube baby. Yesterday was her 43rd birthday.

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is one of the methods of getting an infertile couple a child. Although it is a quite complicated and costly procedure, it brings hope for many couples who are wanting a child badly. Starting in 1978, so far, around 8 million children took birth by IVF.

In the following link, you will have some information about infertility and options for infertile couples.

IVF: A short details

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