Astral Entities//The NFTs That Work With Multiple Games

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Recently I took part in a Splinterlands tournament hosted by someone sharing a link to a new project on the Wax blockchain. It’s called Astral Entities. At first, I was just going to join the tournament, and ignore the link. We all know there are new things popping up on all the various chains all the time. Then something caught my eye. The person claimed that the NFTs being created are going to work in every game the company, HellaRadGames, makes.

I was curious. I clicked the link to read more, and I have to admit I’m impressed. The basics are as follows. HellaRadGames is using a fantasy world they’ve built out over the last 20 years to create Astral Entities NFTs that will be assigned a whole bunch of stats. Sort of like a tabletop RPG character. At that point, the company will begin releasing games, all of which will allow you to use your NFTs. They are currently working on card battler, and tower defense games. Their hope is to have the first one out later this year.


This is a cool idea, but there are a few other things I really like about this project. First, they are open to letting other developers use their NFTs for their own games. This means that even if HellaRadGames has to stop developing additional games to focus on the ones they have already released there can still be an entire ecosystem of developers releasing new stuff. The other thing I really like about the project, is they are commissioning all the art for their NFTs from artists. Then they are setting the cards so that the artists continue drawing dividends as they are traded. This is a really cool way to make sure people are compensated for the work they do.

This is all still really new, but what I have read so far has me interested enough to drop some Wax on their founder's cards. They are currently airdropping cards to people for various things.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, and potentially getting some free NFTs check out their Discord server here:


Then they are setting the cards so that the artists continue drawing dividends as they are traded.

That's a great idea. I wonder if they'll do the same with any music they use in their games. 😕

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That’s a good question. You should jump on and ask. They have been great about answering any questions I’ve thrown their way.

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