¨BeachWednesday¨ Beaches in the south of the country (Ushuaia)

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Hello ¨passionate¨ of the beach, if you are one of those who likes to spend time on the beach, this contest is for you; ¨BeachWednesdaycontest¨: Organized by our friend @uwelang; Join by entering here: ; Don't miss out on the fun

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This is a challenge that I really like, I have been participating for years, I am very happy that it is back. I live in a small province of Argentina; My city of Corrientes has a beautiful peculiarity; It is surrounded by water and beaches

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This is a very special edition of the contest; Taking advantage of the fact that my wife is on vacation in ¨Ushuaia¨ at my son's house, I asked her to share some images of the beach there

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The beaches of Ushuaia are extremely beautiful, although at the moment it is very cold, that does not detract from the beauty of the beaches; This beautiful place is ideal to connect with nature, and forget that the world exists

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A particularity of this beach is its extremely crystalline water, you can be in the water up to your waist and see your feet

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My oldest son has been living in this city for a long time, you could say that he has settled there; It is the reason for my wife's trip to meet her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter; Every night we communicate, he only has a word to talk about how well Alaia behaves, how much fun they have on the beach playing with the sand and collecting snails

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These beautiful images were taken by my son with a smartphone ¨Samsung¨ ¨galaxy¨ ¨A0¨


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WOW, the beach is practically empty!

Yes, the beaches are so empty because it is very cold there at this time, although it is summer, but in that place, it is cold all year
I really appreciate the support you give me dear friend @ silversaver888
I wish you a prosperous week