The real reason for my existence

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Happy to be here with you in this wonderful ¨GEMSCommunity¨: what I like the most about this community is the quality of the people here; People are very important within a company, they are the ones who make a big difference. My parents have taught me to be "grateful", they made it clear that gratitude is the key that opens any door; I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you, for the support that my posts give me every day

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More than a year ago, at the end of 2019, I fell into a depression, I went to bed one night and did not get up for several months, without realizing it I lost the will to live, little to little let me die; It was the support of my family, and the loving words of my granddaughter that got me out of bed; In doing so I found this condition that plagues us all, it is incredible that we have been living with it for more than a year

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Who would have thought that a medical condition would change everyone's way of life; Many things have happened since then; the way of studying was one of them

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Part of my recovery therapy was spending time with my granddaughter, supporting her with her homework from her school

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Although it was a long year, for some things it flew by. A year later things slowly return to normal, seeing my granddaughter dressed like that brought back many memories; My first day of school, the day I come back from depression and get out of bed; And the words my granddaughter said so that she would regain reason

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It is incredible how time passes, if it seemed that it was yesterday that he was born, today a new stage of his life begins, he begins his educational preparation in the first school; Seeing her dressed like this, like a whole lady, makes me see that she is the real reason for my existence!


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Glad to met you. Wanderful photos .

hello dear friend @adysscheryl good afternoon
It is my pleasure to meet you and receive your visit, happy that my images have been to your liking
thank you very much for this pleasant visit
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Your granddaughter is an absolutely beautiful little angel and inspiration! @jlufer💓

hello dear friend @ninahaskin good afternoon
I appreciate your kind words with all my heart
have a beautiful afternoon, enjoy it a lot

Cutee baby 😍😍😍

Hello dear friend @yogeshbhatt
Thank you very much for your kind words
have a beautiful afternoon

Buenas noches querida amigo, me conmovió mucho leer la experiencia que pasaste... gracias a Dios forma parte de un pasado superado, siempre tendrás el amor y el apoyo incondicional de tu hermosa familia.
Te mando lluvia de bendiciones y un gran abrazo! <3

Hola querida amiga @kristal24 buenos días
En realidad esta fue mi primera experiencia con la depresión, llegue allí por un cansancio extremo, ahora manejo eso, cuando me siento cansado dejo todo, apaga la pc y al otro día retomo lo pendiente.
La familia es la razón de ser de todo, por ello vale la pena el esfuerzo y hace que valga la pena vivir la vida.
Aprecio de todo corazón tu empatía, y tus amables palabras

que pases un hermoso fin de semana

Yes, gratitude is the key that opens any door.
Your granddaughter is adorable!

Being grateful dear friend @ silversaver888 is something beautiful, it makes you feel good, and the people who are thanked.
I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day

Hi @jlufer,
I agree with you that gratitude opens doors. It is also good to know that you have made a full recovery. A lot of people have passed through depression but were not able to make a full recovery.
Meanwhile, your granddaughter looks so adorable.
Stay safe.

Yours, Piotr

Hello dear friend @ crypto.piotr good day

I did not live many years with my parents, I did it until I was 12 years old, in that short time I have learned from them how to handle myself in life, that everything is achieved with commitment, dedication, effort and perception, and above all, to be grateful .

Yes, I think I am recovered, I have no reason to be depressed, mine was associated with a high degree of stress, now as I know myself, when I feel tired, I leave everything as it is, I turn off the pc and rest.

If my granddaughter is growing up very content and happy, if she is, so are we

Thank you very much for this pleasant visit and I support my post

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Dear @jlufer

More than a year ago, at the end of 2019, I fell into a depression, I went to bed one night and did not get up for several months

OMG. Have you been depressed already before you went into bed that night? I can't imagine how difficult it must be for someone who suffer depression.
Would you mind sharing with me what is your age?

Are you already getting better (I hope)?

I would like to thank you again for resteeeming my recent post and for your kind comment.

Yours, Piotr

To be honest I did not know that I was depressed, since I had never suffered it before, I did not know what the symptoms were.
I was very tired, the back of my neck hurt a lot and my eyesight had almost completely lost, as at that time the compensation was very low, I decided to rest for a few days, and return to say hello for the holidays.

I went to bed that night, as the next day I was not going to work, I saw a program on tv, the next day I was tired, I did not get up, the next day I did not either, and so I was letting myself be, at first I got up and gave me a I took a shower and went back to bed, then I stopped doing it, I earned the august and when he did, I stopped having interest in life, it's that simple, you let yourself die and you don't realize it.

My depression was associated with stress, if I handle this, I would have no problem with depression, now I know myself, I know when I should lower the accelerator

I am 52 years old, a complicated age, if I want to go back to work under a dependency relationship I can no longer, and to get a retirement I need about 15 years. That is why hive is very important to me, not only to cover daily expenses, my HP is intended as a retirement insurance.

I intend to mine some tokkens, I do not say Bitcoin because the difficulty is very high, I do not know if it would be profitable to mine, I want to buy a pc with many cores, I think the largest is 18 cores, that will allow me to extract more quantity of coins per day. I only get the cost of the machine, they are very expensive

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hello dear friend @andyjim how are you
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me
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