Birding in Balakot

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A few weeks ago I visited Balakot valley, it was mainly a family and also a day trip. During this trip, birding was not the first priority but I love birding. So I photographed some birds during this trip. They are very common birds in that area and I already had seen these birds in Islamabad too. Balakot is located on the bank of River Kunhar so these birds are water birds like Plumbeous water redstart with prey, a very beautiful, and busy bird. Other water birds I saw were White-capped Redstart, white wagtail.





As I regularly post my birding photographs on the Birds of Pakistan page so I knew that in the Balakot area Jackdaw is living. So I was very focused to find that bird but chances were very low because of a short time. During this search, I saw some other common birds like House Sparrow, common starling, Himalayan bulbul, great tit, large-billed crow, red-vented bulbul.







On my way back to Islamabad I saw a flock of common myna sitting on a tree on the bank of River Kunhar. I clicked some photographs and when I zoomed the photographs, I was amazed to see that Eurasian Jackdaw was also sitting among myna. I could just click a few photos and they flew away. I was very happy to see them and planned to come again to get some closer shot of this beauty.




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