Birding in Lahore

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I planned a visit to Lahore, It was a family trip. Lahore is called a city of gardens. So I also visited different gardens and parks. During this visit, I also saw some birds living in these gardens. Mostly these are very common birds like a crow, house sparrow, and kite but still I saw some unique birds in this trip like White-eyes and Oriental magpie-robin. I saw these birds living on trees in Lahore zoo.





During a visit to the Lahore museum, I saw some birds' activity on a fruit tree. I was amazed to see a Yellow-footed green pigeon eating fruit and living on this tree. This bird was on my wishlist and I was very excited to see it. They were well camouflaged in the tree but still, I was able to take some photographs of this beauty.





I knew that the Indian grey hornbill, the only specie of hornbill found in Pakistan, lives in the Lahore area. So I was focused to find them but was not able to see them in any park. When I visited Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura, I was very lucky to find this bird there. A couple of Indian grey hornbill was living there. So during this trip, I was lucky to see my two lifer birds.




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Green pigeon! This is beauty! This is the first time I've heard of this. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Thanks Sir.

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