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The kalij pheasant is one of the most beautiful pheasants found in forests and thickets. They are especially found in the area of the Himalayan foothills. In Pakistan, they are found in Margalla Hills National park in a large number. It is also considered as the bird of Margalla. Both male and female are beautiful, male is having glossy bluish-black plumage and females are brownish.





In Margalla they are found everywhere in thick forests and also foothill area of Margalla hills. They are very shy birds so mostly avoid human presence. As in the Margalla Hills area, they are protected from hunting so they are growing in good numbers. I hiked 2 Km to reach a water stream where they mostly come to drink water.




As they are very shy so to photograph them, I had to camouflage well and wait for hours. Sometimes I was lucky to get some closer shot. In the morning they are active but as they are forging around so visitors see them regularly. They are very active as I was well hidden in camouflage but still they felt my presence and sometimes gave me a look "I have seen you".





In Margalla Hills Islamabad local people also give them space and avoid hunting. So we must protect local birds so that they could grow in a good number living in their natural investment. This wildlife also has the right to live and humans must avoid destroying their natural habitat.





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Very detailed photos, so beautiful! :)

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