HIVE - STEEM - TRON proponents...BINANCE and Justin in between...

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It seems to me that all the good things happen while I am sleeping. Those time zones...dammit...

This time though, it was a massive announcement. One that every Steemian had been expecting from that very moment, when @justinsunsteemit made use of the forbidden words on that first Tweet of his, and then he was gone and never replied to anyone for quite some time...

Which words you may be wondering eh?

Well to begin with, announcing to a huge community of REAL people who have been through shit tons of lies and difficulties over the past 4 years about "STEEM tokens swap" and "Steem dapps migration to TRON" isn't exactly a healthy way to start a prosperous relationship. Add to that the fact that he didn't seem to bother about clarifications our witnesses or the community needed at that point...and there you have it.

The result was the SF 0.22.2...

What happened next is more or less known....

Fast forward to today's news...I am really excited. I am more than excited actually. Maybe thrilled is the right word.

Because for the first time EVER the Steem or (ex-Steem) community stood against a super wealthy entity who wanted to have full control over everything.

@justinsunsteemit could have been the final piece of the puzzle. He was the perfect candidate with all qualifications to push Steem forward. would talk about his contribution to decentralization for many...many years...

Unfortunately he proved to be an arrogant bastard who cares for nothing but himself

People kept screaming and tweeting and shouting that you can't buy a community...

And they were right. Let alone such a passionate one who don't want a dictator among their feet. Just like you can't buy friendship...or love...I am sure you got the message now Justin...

Some things are just priceless...

That being said...Steem still deserves better than that. As I've repeatedly stated Steem / Steemit was my gateway to crypto. I still get the chills when I hear the word Steem, no shit. I knew nothing about it till December 2017 / January 2018 (always late to the party...the story of my life) so seeing people being so hostile against Steem really saddens me.

Steem is one thing and Justin is another...

I still want Steem to do well. Is there room for both Steem and HIVE? Yes, if you ask me.

Just to be clear, from now on 90%+ of my contributions will be on HIVE. But I don't intend to sell my STEEM tokens either. I don't want to help burn this place to the ground. How could I? Just because of Justin's actions? If Steem eventually dies my coins will probably die with was a high risk investment after all, right?

Who it's Justin who fucked this place year it might be someone who has a real vision that might help Steem thrive.

Regarding HIVE!

People will give their best to be eligible for as may HIVE coins as possible. And since Binance and Huobi officially announced that they will support the HIVE airdrop for their customers, interesting things started to happen.

According to the announcement, Steemit.Inc's ninja mine stake will be excluded from the airdrop and so will all those accounts who have helped to this fiasco.

20200318 20_03_20SteemWorld ~ hkdev404.png

Keeping all those liquid STEEM tokens on his @hkdev404 account would be fullish...that's why Justin sent those 3.6 mill STEEM tokens back to his wallet on Binance...I guess now he is eligible for at least 3.6 mill HIVE tokens...anonymity, right? A huge dump when the time comes or...a new attempt maybe?

In other news CZ keeps tweeting left and right that STEEM withdrawals are open for everyone, not only for Justin, yet, despite having enough liquidity STEEM withdrawals on Binance look like this...

20200318 20_03_57Balance  Wallet  Binance.png

Oh one last thing...Have a look at this screenshot from @binance-hot account. You see all those deposits?

20200318 20_08_30SteemWorld ~ binancehot.png

Do you really think those are from people who support the real witnesses? My guess is that there are also some bad actors right there who want a piece of the new pie...I could be wrong tho...We'll see on Friday...

In any case, it's been an honor ladies and gents...

See you on the other side.



No real point dumping when the value will likely decline even further than it already is. I hold plenty of Shitcoins with less promise than Steem, so might as well hold both and see what happens.

Though if I post, it will be on Hive.

Since almost the entire community has decided to move on to HIVE I’ll be there as well. I’ll keep contributing here also when I think it’s necessary.

I need to decide where my contests will be held. I guess my community will decide this for me.

A dpoll could make things easier for you.

Just saying

I guess my community will decide this for me.

Good idea!


I think you mis-spelled one word.....

Who it's Justin who fucked this place year it might be someone who has a real vision that might help Steem thrive.

should have been spelled thrHIVE. I know, i know, I'm a

I do aprreciate your sentiments to STEEM itself and the whole project and what it actually did for crypto, but ultimately it was abandoned, misused and finally abused to the point where its original meaning and intentions as a true decentralzed crypto social media platform got hijacked, much like Bitcoin (giving my hive cents worth here).

Buzz you later.

Hehe. See you on the other side too bud

Justin really pushed people to the wall. I'm sure steem will not die except Justin himself planned to kill it. He is probably lurking and making his plans too, but whatever the case is, Hive is alive and hear to stay. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and see how he play his cards. However, the hivers have it. it's a checkmate. Good steps taken by the community..

I have a feeling too that we’ll hear from him sooner rather than later.

Exciting times! Liberation from the Ninja-Mined tokens is going to be huge for us.


I just hope that we can eliminate even the slightest possibility of a new takeover

I suppose the prosaic last words here might be "Last one out, remember to turn off the lights!"

Like you, I'm headed to HIVE, but I'm also not dumping my Steem... quite yet. I imagine JS will get this way soon, and at some point he will do something to pump Steem to some very high level as part of his profit-taking exist strategy... and I hope to ride that wave out of here, for the last time. Who knows.

Until then, it's awesome to be part of this amazing ongoing "experiment" in decentralization. I still believe we may look back on this from 10 years in the future and realize this was a watershed moment in which the idea of community-driven projects CAN stand up to and reject "Big Corporate" style entities.

I couldn't have said it any better. See you on the other side my friend.