Hive, Tribes, and FOMO - Just My 2c on Current Tribes State...

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I would like to apologize at the beginning of a strong wind in the video... It is a bit better, later on, so please continue watching... Also, I would like to clarify that everything that I said in the video isn't financial advice, and I'm not a financial advisor... Do your own research and make your own decision about your future investments, either they are in the money, or in time...

As the abbreviation of FOMO says, Fear Of Missing Out, the time when it becomes "standard" is usually the time full of fear, doubt, insecurity... And, not just fear of missing some "next big coin", but also deeper fear of making a mistake, losing money, losing friends because of involving them in insecure investments...

But, usually, the moment of realizing these things comes much later... When damage is already done when it's too late to think in a rational way... Everybody was there... I was there a couple of years ago, led by greed, wanting more and more... Luckily, I didn't lose my friends, only money, but that can be earned again... Followed by those events, I like to create videos like this one, to try to explain to people that "it's not the end of the world if you miss something"... We miss so many things in life that we even don't know that could change ourselves completely...

In this video, I was talking about the Hive and tried to compare it with Ethereum... Also, I was talking about tribes and their role in the future of Hive blockchain and the value that they can bring... I couldn't skip mentioning the great job that LEO Finance is doing for the whole HIVE blockchain...

Check out the video for more stuff...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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All I can say: Get out of my head. Lol 🤣😂😆

What did I say that is so in-sync with you? :)

...and I'm glad that we are on the same page...


Oh, just, everything lol

Wow, this video had a wealth of wisdom. I agree 100% about doing your research when investing in crypto/tokens as well as other communities... it seems nowadays when someone creates the FOMO atmosphere, everyone jumps & doesn't wait a moment to really see if it's worth their time or money...

Critical thinking is crucial & besides, I wouldn't want to jump into something I have no idea about. Like you mentioned, do some research, create some content in the community, engage with someone, etc. I am not saying don't buy stuff but at least do it based on your OWN decision, not what someone else says "you have to do"...

And @leofinance is amazing....they really are doing cool things! It will be interesting to watch their continued growth as in other communities...that's what we all want!

Thanks for an awesome video (despite the wind haha)! I am glad we can all show our perspective on these important topics. You rock! 😊💜

It's important to create our OWN decisions... That will bring another great value down the road, and that's the responsibility... If we just blindly follow others, we will always BLAME someone else for our failure, and make excuses...

And LeoFinance is doing a great job and I really hope that other tribes will follow their lead and develop things in a similar direction...

For me when I look at a token or a currency, I evaluate first what I can do with it. If I find use cases that I need or enjoy then I'm into it. We shouldn't forget that many tokens have a very small liquidity and can be manipulated quite easily on the market. It doesn't mean that when a token goes up, it automatically is more worth. A good strategy is also not to put all eggs in the same basket but to into several coins and tokens, especially when you can actually use them or earn them.

Great advises from the Rational Investor! :) We see a lot of spikes lately, and people FOMO in them, but, as you said liquidity is very small, and it looks like a fantastic opportunity... And, the drop comes in a couple of days, investors (FOMO members) get pissed off, sell with loss, and never come back...

Market manipulations are possible, but the price always shows the real value after settling down...

Thanks for the great tips!

Great details
Pretty nice analysis
Critical evaluation is the right approach
Yeah you gave the valid reasons for the potential of Tribez to thrive on

The potential is there, but we will see who will jump in and use it... LEOFinance did it... Waiting for others... :)

Look forward to having followed by #CTP

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Great video and post Zoltan @ph1102 it is all new to me lol so still trying to work out what everything means.

I think people just should consider if they building or just part of any tribe, is blockchains have not even gone mainstream yet. Chances are simply being consistent on one building till it does go mainstream especially when you have multiple communities doing it will pay off big time.

Prices may rise and fall in between but as long as we all pull together, also continue being consistent and continue supporting each other the moon doesn't seem that hard to reach for any tribe or token that stays the course.

My humble opinion lol

Well, you are right about being here at the right time, at the beginning... Yes, it passed a couple of years, but we aren't still "mainstream", which position ourselves in the best possible place... Build, accumulate, make connections, that's priority...

The topic was FOMO... It's a kind of crypto-phenomenom where people are jumping from one project to another, spending money like crazy, in a hope that just that exact coin/project will be the next Bitcoin and earn them millions...

It's just missing the point of building and keep yourself focused... Total opposite of that, actually... And we don't want that :)

Ah i get you Zoltan @ph1102 so it is a bit like SOS shiny object syndrome kind of thanks for sharing bro i always learn stuff from you

The main thing I guess is to have fun and do what you like on the blockchain, for some it might be trying to find the next big potential token that is going to take off.
But for many it will be just being active in their community, or playing their favorite games. By doing what they like doing they earn over time.

Well, I would lie if I say that I'm not doing this as "work"... But, that doesn't mean that I'm not having fun and that I'm not enjoying the awesome company of some great people here...

To be more exact, I would like to create a living from doing this, as it would be the best job ever! :) :) Doing small steps toward that direction, but I'm happy with the progress...


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