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It's time for a bit different video... If you are following my blog, you are probably expecting a kind of motivational/inspirational post, but, as today is Sunday, I have decided to publish a bit different video...

In this video, I will show you my workspace where I spend most of my day(s)... :) It's my computer desk with all those weird things on it... Which one, and why am I have them there, you can check out in the video...

How does your desk look like? Or your workplace? Maybe you are running your business from a beach? :) If you would like, share the photo and/or a couple of words about it in the comment section...

Let's have fun... :)

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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Thanks for sharing your work space. I use my bed and my laptop sits on my lap as I work from my bed.

That's the best office, ever! :) :)

I can't put all my stuff in my bed... lol... But, when I'm on the road, I use only a laptop, and usually in the bed... "Luckily", we can't go anywhere, so have no that problem... lol

Took break clean laptop today. I play the game too 😉 I did post on hive a couple of times. My desk. Or on my bed but only for video. No smoking in that room. Had to cropped picture will will not load
Large coffee table . Am in large recycliner with pillows. Had to cropped picture will will not load
Large coffee table . Am in large recycliner with pillows.

Nice pic... And good that's no smoking in the room... Smoke kills laptops as its ventilators gets sticky from it...


Whoops I saying on the bed we two icon electric filters my husband lap failed once HP. I use to have a 2 in one lenevo spell check 🙄 . Cord screwed up later it died. That's less then 4 years ago.

That was very interesting and entertaining!
Makes me wonder if there are that kind of personality quizzes according to what we have on our desks 🤣
My dad also uses the laptop and an extra monitor like you but I wonder if it's possible to do the other way around: I have a desktop pc and a rubbish laptop, would be possible to use just the monitor from the laptop? At least until I have money for a new extra monitor one day 😋
I also have a pillow for aches and pains, mine is a little bit bigger and has cherry cores! My lower back appreciates it!
Thanks for sharing it was very cool :)

I have a desktop pc and a rubbish laptop, would be possible to use just the monitor from the laptop?

Unfortunately, I think that there is no way to do it in another way... At least, I didn't do it never... But who knows, my hardware knowledge is a bit rusty the last couple of years...

...and the pillow was a life-saver in those painful moments...

This was a cool video Zoltan. I like the insight into your life :-). I don't dare sharing my desk at the moment. It's a huge mess. Papers of any kind lying around, pens, tools, coins, and a lot of dust... lol. It needs a big clean up.

hehehe... thanks... and this was a kind of provocative video to make others to share their desk photos, but it looks that some of them didn't have the courage to do it... :P :P

And... the point is in the "messy look"... :) Nobody wants to see a clean table...

You know what I did today? I actually tidied and cleaned my desktop lol

Picture, or it didn't happen... lol


The proof :-)

That looks like a photo from a catalog... :) But, I will trust you on this... Even your Windows desktop is too tidy... :)

This is my secondary screen. All the mess is on the other one...lol

That was a cool vlog! Ha ha - you surprised me with something a bit different. I like that you're trying different things :)

I remember your microphone & KNEW there would be a Monster nearby he he. I have two laptops as well but still need to put them together to be the most efficient. But the dual monitors really come in handy.

I smiled when I saw the pack you use for your aches and pains. I have a rice one somewhere & you reminded me about it. So, now, I will have to go look for it lol.

Perhaps in the near future, I will show you my desktop in a video now that you showed us yours. But for now, I will attach a photo. Mine always goes from super neat to hot mess. 🤣😂

Happy Sunday, Zoltan & thanks for sharing this cool video! 💚


I would say that this is a "fake" photo... 🤣 There is no chance that your desk is so neat!

You have to have some useless thing somewhere... :)

To dig through the rocks

LMAO! You caught me at an unusual moment - wait til tomorrow hahahah. I will update you ;) And it won't be Timmy hahah

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