The One Secret To True Happiness | Mindful Mondays Ep 42

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True happiness is something we all seek out in life; the one common thread we all have....but sometimes it isn't easy to find it. What we think is happiness can be fleeting or even found in the wrong places throughout our lives. However, once we figure out the secret, there's nothing stopping us...

As I return from a life changing vacation (and a mini hiatus from the channel), I share what has been going on with life & the general direction of the Pixie Post. If you just want to jump to the main topic of this video, there's a breakdown of what is discussed so you can go directly to that part. (You're welcome ;).)

And forgive the couple of bloopers I apparently didn't notice as I was editing....blame it on rustiness lol ;)

vlog chapters :
00:00 - hello and welcome 🧚🏼‍♀️
01:27 - getting back to content creation
03:08 - new channel direction & filling up my cup
05:34 - gaming channel and goals update
06:34 - self realization during my travels
07:58 - plant & gardening? what?
08:33 - what is the secret to happiness? (with a small blooper lol)
11:05 - going within & the journey
12:47 - my changing perspective
14:05 - what is your true happiness? comment below 🧚🏼‍♀️
14:38 - coffee, cards and pixie dust podcast & close

Today’s Music: Homeless Soul - Fleurs Douces

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Hey Jenn, Watching this on Wednesday! Nice to see you back here. One of things that I realized long ago in my life is that I am not the most career oriented person in the world. The job I had when I finished my Masters Degree didn't even really require that level of education. I was cataloging books and I LOVED it! I would have been happy doing that till I was ready not to work anymore. But the company for which I was working had a different idea and since I wasn't on board with supervising people I ended up getting fired. What I am doing now learning different things and having my own online business is what is bringing me happiness. Making money is nice and I am sure that will come but the best part is being able to do whatever makes me happy on any given day. If I choose to just get up and take the day off or be available to get my Dad to appointments I can do that. That is happiness to me.

That is amazing, Lisa! You are one of a very few that have found their true happiness. That is something I discovered - my definition of happiness may not be someone else's version & that is okay. Whatever happiness works for each of us is valid and authentic...

Even though I was happy in some ways, I was always searching for something started with when I went within & not worrying about what others thought. As long as it isn't hurting anyone else, then always stay true to yourself & just do it :)

I am really glad you found that & hope you always continue to enjoy your life as you are. Thanks a lot for your awesome comment. Take care & glad to be back as well ;) 💚



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Good Morning and Thank you, @misterengagement! Enjoy your day.😀

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Welcome back. Sometimes you just need a break before coming back.

Thank you so much! Yes, it was a long overdue and ended up becoming a lifestyle change. It's amazing what life can throw our way when we least expect it ;)

Hope you are well & happy! :) 💜



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Nice to see you back, Pixie!! And nice to see you happy and refreshed!
I'm the next one for a vacation...


And I'm very curious about that "planting journey"... Will follow the results closely... :)


Thanks Zoltan! It is good to be back, even if it is in a different form. :)

Yes, you definitely earned vacation time!! DO IT ;) he he


I am excited about the lavender right now...I am taking a photo each day so I can document its' progress, which I may post on Hive eventually. So, definitely be on the look out. The homesteading journey will definitely be a learning process, but I haven't been as excited as I am now. :)

So good to "see" you, bestie! I hope you are well & happy! Twin power activated ;) 🙌💜



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Thank you so much! Love my IPA :) ;)

Hope you are well! :)



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Hey there Cuddle Kitten! I like you too and thanks for stopping by :) 😻


Good to see you back.

Thanks, Sheila! It's good to BE back :) I hope everything is going well for you. :) 💜🤗 Nice to see you as well.



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Omg! 3 years!! That is so exciting. Thank you for the badge :) 💚🌻

Happy Hive Birthday @pixiepost

Thank you so much! I can't believe it's been 3 years already lol....time sure flies :)


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