How To Deal With Negative People | Mindful Mondays Ep 16

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Sometimes, it can be challenging to create success in our lives, whether it’s business or personal. We attempt to keep the momentum going as we strive to achieve our goals & dreams while juggling every day life…

Unfortunately, that can be magnified when we are surrounded by negative people. Their attitudes & way of being can really deplete us of our own energy & lower our frequency, causing more friction…

Today’s Mindful Monday addresses this very real issue most of us face & how to protect ourselves without depleting our own value...

Remember, always protect your own energy & don’t allow anyone to dull your sparkle. ;) 💜

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Hi jen, Thanks for the Video , :0 always good to listen, I dont always respond but I do watch :)

I have a story , lol, I always have a story

Years ago I moved with my family to a new area, took a job as a farmhand and was living in an old Shearers quarters, the move was stressfull and the work was hard, one day i went to the supply shop to buy some seed and some equipment, first time in this shop, I was standing in line at the counter , a couple of people in fron of me, when I got to the counter, the guy behind the counter just looked at me and said, Not gonna serve a D head like you , I was taken aback, I had never seen this person, never been into the shop before and considered myself to be an ok persn.
Hmm, I thought, and took my business elsewhere, however it got me thinking, and when I got home, i looked at my then wife and siad, have I been a bit of a D head lately, she looked at me and said yes, So I apologised for my behaviour .
Sometimes the outside world camn quite clearly reflect your inner world :)

As for eradicating negative people out of ones life, fortunately I developed this skill quite some years ago and believ me there can be some really draining people out there.

Oh and as for changes and reaffirming priorities
A majot thing, sort of has just happened in my life 21-09-2020 :) which will mean a major change for me,
so the last quarter of 2020 will see some interesting change

Had to post this via PeakD

Thanks so much for your awesome comment. I love your stories & always get a kick out of them. :)

Your story fits exactly what I was referring to. It can be reflect subtly or like gang busters as you had experienced that time. Sometimes we are so into our lives & heads, we don't even realize what energy we are putting out. Being mindful of it is the first step.

That is great you were able to eradicate people that don't serve your well being. I am much better than I was but still have a little work to do in this area. Some I can't avoid but have minimized my time greatly being exposed to their toxic energy. I don't get as much anxiety in this case.

I am excited to hear that something major shifted in your life! I hope it's a huge blessing. You deserve that! Sending you pixie dust to give you even more prosperity of all forms.

Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot to me & thanks for watching! :) 💜

I was listening to your vlog and recognized myself today... I was grumpy and nervous from early in the morning... Have no idea why... Even recorded a vlog... Maybe a bit negative, but I hope that it will not look like that in the eyes of others...

Will go to the mirror and take a look if I got those vampire teeth out... :)

Great video, and it is a relief when we are surrounded with positive people...

Funny how we learn from one another through our vlogs and posts sometimes...I woke up drained to begin with so that probably didn't set my day off to a good start lol. But sometimes you have to give yourself grace. One thing I didn't see is you take it out on other people....there's a difference...

Ha ha well if you have the vampire teeth showing, you better go to your friend for dental work asap ;)

Thanks for watching, Zoltan, and your endless support. Yes, positivity goes a long way & can be like a lighthouse in a storm sometimes. ;) 💜

Thanks for a great video @pixiepost, and really great advice about the vampires, it does remind of some developments very recently, sometimes we do need to take a step back so we can have a look at what is going on, and also being able to focus on our priorities, and this was different bloopers lol, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks so much for choosing my video Erik! I hope it helps people for sure. I used to have a hard time cutting off negative people because I was trying to be nice to everyone. But sometimes the nicest thing you can do is protect your own energy & say "no."

The bloopers were kind of by accident since the garbage trucks INSISTED on being present in the video ha ha. There were too many of them so I had to share. It is kind of a thing - the beeping of these trucks. Ask @ph1102. He knows! 🤣😂 🍷

Thanks Mr Awesome for all YOU do. Stay amazing! 🌼💚

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